Getting Started



Latest version from source:

git clone
make install

… or …

Instructions for Linux, Windows Mac & Docker

Hello World

Step 1:

Create an Event Markdown file. Event Markdown (EMD) is a simple language used to describe an event storming:

# TODO List
Add Item -> // description, dueDate
Todo Added // description, dueDate
TODO List* // todoId, description, dueDate

Save it to Eventstorming.emd.

Step 2:

les convert && les-node -b && cd api && npm install && docker-compose up -d --force-recreate

Or using Docker:

docker run -v $(pwd):/les les convert && docker run -v $(pwd):/les les-node -b && cd api && npm install && docker-compose up -d

(If you doing this in Linux and encounter “permission denied” errors, your USER or GROUP ID need to be specified. Say your USER ID is 1003, then add --user 1003 after each docker run in the above command.)

Step 3:

There is no step 3.

What next …

IDE Integrations & Tools